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Problems and Soultions for Ultrasound Bone Densitometer Use

2017-12-1 | Read:490

Only the professional maintenance staff can open the product for maintenance.

If happened the following problem,please follow the list items to check the equipment.

1.Q:Turn on the power switch but the ultrasound bone densitometer does not work properly.

S:Confirm the power supply connect correctly.Check the power cable broken or not.

2.Q The power switch is turned on but the computer is not working properly.

S:Confirm the power supply connect correctly.Check the power cable broken or not.

3.Q:When the power switch has turned on,but the screen does not operate normally.

S:Confirm the screen has switched on.Read the screen instruction manual.

4.Q:The brightness of the screen is not sufficient

S:Adjust the brightness of the monitor.Read the screen instruction manual.

5.Q:Measurement results are abnormal

S:Do calibration again.

6.Q:Measurement results are abnormal

S:Confirm the measure location correct.Confirm the oil balloon install properly.Confirm the surface of the oil balloon stained without dry ultrasound transmission gel,if have,cleaning,disinfection.

7.Q:The oil balloon is easily damaged

S:Whether phantom surface hard or touch with some sharp material.

8.Q:In the doctor log on interface:"Password error,please try again"

S:Password error,please check the capitalization of the lock key"Caps Lock",and whether the small keyboard is open or not.

9.Q:During the test:"failed to connect to computer"

S:Check whether the power of the equipment turn on and the USB cable connect properly.

10.Q:During measuring:"Calibration Required"

S:Calibration must be performed before the subject measurement.

11.Q:When register subject:"Name Required"

S:The subject name must be typed.Please input it correctly.

12.Q:When register subject:“This field is too small to accept the data you attempted to add”

S:The register subject name is too long.Please re-enter or abbreviation.

13.Q:When changing the password:"Current password blank"

S:If you need to change your password,you must re-enter your password.

14.Q:When using a database instead function:"Lead back Error"

S:Repair software.

If you still can not solve the problem,please contact the Nanjing Kejin Industrial Co.,Ltd.or authorized agents.