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Product Warranty statement

2017-12-1 | Read:541

1)If there are product quality problems,the company can provide free warranty within one year,starting from install date,during the warranty period will be free to repair and replace accessories.The warranty way is sending the equipment to the company for repair.If you need to door-to-door warranty service,you must sign a separate door-to-door warranty contract.

2)Warranty is valid only follow the instruction manual to operate.

3)Nanjing Kejin Industrial Co.,Ltd.will not give warranty if happen the following situation,for example:

-Equipment beyond the warranty period.

-Equipment damage due to natural disasters.

-Equipment does not work properly due to improper transportation and use.

-Repair and update by unauthorized staff or agent lead to damage.

4)Change the product structure by user own self will not give warranty.

5)Human-made damage will not give warranty

6)Nanjing Kejin Industrial Co.,Ltd.can provide paid maintenance service for the accessories which has no warranty.


1)If there is something wrong with the equipment,please turn off the power immediately,and carefully read the instruction manual.

2)If you need repair service,before contact the manufacturer or dealer,please turn off the power,and check the device model,product number and other relevant information.

3)You need to pay the shipping fee and insurance premium when you ship the equipment to the company.

4)We will try our best to assist you if you want to repair equipment by yourself.