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Product Name: Wireless Ultrasound Bone Densitometer

Product model: OSTEOKJ7600

Product parameters:

Measurement location: radius

Target audience: Children, adults (including pregnant women and middle-aged and elderly people)

Operating temperature: 5-40 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%



  The OSTEOKJ7600 wireless ultrasound bone density meter is a patented product (patent number: ZL201820676780.5) launched by Nanjing Kejin Industrial Co., Ltd. for measuring bone density in the radius area of various age groups. The product is beautiful and compact, and can be used with just a mobile phone or tablet.

  Product features:

  1. Using ultrasound technology, there is no X-ray radiation damage to the human body, suitable for children, pregnant women and other populations;

  2. Android operating system (supporting mobile phones, tablets, etc.), built-in large capacity battery, Bluetooth wireless connection;

  3. The measurement site is the radius, which is one of the most prone areas for fractures in the human body;

  4. Scan WeChat to obtain reports, optional handheld terminal solution, and directly heat print report forms;

  Product advantages:

  Radial bone testing/convenient hygiene

  Wireless connection/built-in battery

  Flexible/lightweight and portable configuration

  Advice: Please carefully read the product manual or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical personnel. Please refer to the manual for contraindications or precautions.