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The forecast about medical device industry in Asia

2017-11-30 | Read:740

With the development of economic,people pay more attention to their health,meanwhile,Asian medical equipment industry and the market has a large market to grow.Recently,foreign medias do some researches(regulation,purchasing,price,research and development)in Asia medical devices industry.

(1)Centralized purchasing will become normalization

According to foreign media analysis,Asian countries’governments centralize bid procurement medical instruments will become more frequently.Recently,India,Bangladesh and other populous nations,these public hospitals’medical instruments through governments centralized purchasing to acquire.From what has been mentioned above,we can come to the conclusion that medical equipments’price will get lower and lower,because centralized purchasing will become normalization in the future.

(2)Strengthen the supervision of import requirements

According to foreign media analysis,China,India,Indonesia,Bangladesh and other populous nations will learn import medical devices supervision measures from western developed countries,performing more strict quality management measures,in order to eliminate the potential quality hazard,promoting import products’quality become better and better.

(3)Competition in similar medical device will become more competitive

It’s very common to see similar medical device competition in Asia,currently,disposable medical equipment,surgical instruments,wheelchair,even CT machine,B ultrasound and many other medical instruments are all occur the competition among the similar medical products.According to foreign media analysis,with the technology gap between Asian manufacturers become more and more narrow,Competition in similar medical device will become more competitive.

(4)Private hospitals driving demands

According to foreign media analysis,in the last decade,private capital will enter Asian countries medical system.Private hospitals accounted for about 65%of the total local hospitals in Hong Kong,because this region’s market economic developed very well.With the development of Asian countries’economic,Asian countries’medical system will have more private hospitals,meanwhile,these private hospitals will purchase a large number of new medical equipments.This will promote the medical device market sales in Asia.So medical device industry is a promising industry.

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