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Ultrasound Bone Densitometer Warranty

2017-12-1 | Read:543

Thank you for using the Nanjing Kejin Industrial Co.,Ltd.Ultrasound bone densitometer.

Warranty Description::

1.The warranty period of ultrasound bone densitometer is one year,starting from the install date.Users should use the contact code to contact to the manufacturer and register the equipment,after register the equipment,the manufacturer can guarantee warranty.

2.Warranty standard way is return to the manufacturer or specific location to repair,unless the user and the manufacturer or agent signed a product door-to-door service contract.

3.Warranty service is not available for the product that are not approved by our company.

4.The user shall be responsible for their data safety,manufacturer maintenance not responsible for the damage or loss of data.

5.Consumables do not enjoy warranty.

6.During the warranty period,if the end of the warranty period has been less than three months,the new replace accessory has three-month warranty.

7.During warranty period,the following conditions are not free maintenance:

1)Damage caused by transportation.

2)The damage cause by not follow the instruction to install,use,maintain,or store the product.

3)Unauthorized installation or remove the software,without the agreement of manufacturer to replace accessories and lead to the product does not work or damage.

4)Due to improper maintenance or the computer infected with the virus cause the product does not work.

5)Damage caused by human or force majeure.

6)Clean the non faulty product or normal maintenance.

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