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1.Operating system:Windows 2000/XP/7

2.Ultrasonic frequency:Pulse wave PW(2 MHz),Continuous wave CW(4 MHz)

3.Measuring range:

Pw no less than 20 cm/s~200 cm/s

Cw no less than 10cm/s~100 cm/s

4.PW depth:25~120mm,Depth 1mm,can be extended to 200mm

5.Transmit power:0~100%or 0~800%Adjustable

6.Scan speed:4,8,16 Seconds/Optional

7.Image gain:0~7 total of 8 level or 0dB~48dB for option

8.Movie playback


The KJ-2V7M Model Ultrasound Transcranial Doppler System is a top grade TCD instrument. The product has the function of small signal recognition, M-mode, automatic search, and many other new TCD technologies. The product can use single, double-channel, and dual-mode for measurement. It is also equipped with a built-in circuit probe. The multi-depth function can display eight depths of blood flow spectrum signal at the same time. The KJ-2V7M Model TCD is equipped with an 8MHz probe. It can be used for the carotid artery and small blood vessel measurement in the limbs. This instrument is equipped with all-in-one computer and high-quality lift mobile trolley. It can bring you a perfect experience.