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Product Name: Ultrasound Transcranial Doppler Blood Flow Analyzer

Product model: KJ-2V2M

Detection principle: Ultrasonic Doppler principle

Domestic/Imported: Domestic

Medical/Household: Medical

Available for sale: nationwide

Input power: 60VA

Operating temperature: 5-40 ℃

Operating humidity: Relative humidity ≤ 80%

The following product introductions are all about the overall solution of the product



  The KJ-2V2M ultrasound transcranial Doppler blood flow analyzer is a portable and modular TCD instrument. For a single channel and single depth TCD instrument, it has multiple functions such as real-time spectrum display, movie playback, embolus tracking, reference value display, and automatic report generation. The KJ-2V2M TCD instrument is equipped with KJ-PW-2MHz and KJ-CW-4MHz ultrasound probes, which can be used for intracranial vascular detection. The overall solution of this product is equipped with a LCD computer all-in-one machine, a convenient trolley, and a color inkjet printer, Can conveniently achieve the detection function of the ultrasound transcranial Doppler blood flow analyzer.

  Adaptation department

  Neurology, neurosurgery, intensive care unit, functional examination department, physical examination department, etc.

  Functional characteristics

  1. Parameter database

  Memory hospital vascular parameters clinical data. Real time comparison between measured values and reference values, abnormal data alarm. Built in standard reference blood flow spectrogram for easy switching and comparative analysis by operators at any time.

  2. HITS detection technology

  Embolism detection technology, when a embolus (HITS) appears, the signal displays a jumping waveform and can be replayed for recognition, making it easy for doctors to detect and observe.

  3. High sensitivity probes

  Using ultrasonic probes made of composite materials. The ultrasonic probe interface uses a metal push-pull self-locking connector, which is reliable in connection and has good anti-interference ability.

  4. Flexible report editing

  Built in multiple report formats, it provides great convenience for doctors to write, edit, and access spectra and data. It also has a parameter comparison display mode, resulting in clear results.

  5. Other technologies:

  1. Dynamic and static envelope lines, real-time display of spectrum, calculation of blood flow parameters.

  2. Check medical records at any time, store vascular blood flow spectra for movie playback.

  6. Clinical application:

  1. Used for blood flow measurement of transcranial, cervical, and peripheral blood vessels, excluding analytical and diagnostic functions;

  2. Detect the blood flow of blood vessels in the brain;

  3. Detection of blood flow within superficial blood vessels;

  4. Quantitative evaluation of the blood supply status of cerebral and superficial vessels can provide a basis for screening the nature, degree, and scope of various cerebrovascular diseases.

  Advice: Please carefully read the product manual or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical personnel. Please refer to the manual for any contraindications or precautions.