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Product Name: Bone Densitometer OSTEOKJ7000A

Product parameters:

Measurement location: radius or tibia

Measurement principle: Axial reflection technology

Domestic/Imported: Domestic

Color: White

Medical/Household: Medical

Available for sale: nationwide

Operating temperature: 5-40 ℃

Operating humidity: ≤ 80% relative humidity

The following product introductions are all about the overall solution of the product



  The OSTEOKJ7000A ultrasonic bone density meter is a dual system ultrasonic bone density meter launched by Nanjing Kejin Industrial Co., Ltd. It is equipped with a 1.25MHz ultrasonic probe, suitable for testing the general population and slightly obese people. The overall solution of this product is equipped with a high-definition touch screen all-in-one machine, a color inkjet printer, a convenient trolley, and a hand rest, making it easy to use.

  OSTEOKJ7000A supports Windows/Android dual systems and can be connected to PCs, touchscreen all-in-one devices, Android phones, and tablets. It has flexible configuration and is convenient and fast to use.

  Scope of use:

  The OSTEOKJ7000A ultrasonic bone density meter is suitable for various medical institutions and examination centers, and is suitable for large general hospitals and orthopedic specialty hospitals. The 1.25 MHz ultrasound probe it is equipped with is suitable for physical examination and census of the normal population.

  Product features:

  1. The testing site is the radius or tibia, with hygienic operation and convenient use;

  2. Equipped with a 1.25 MHz ultrasound probe, suitable for physical examination and census of the normal population;

  3. Supports Windows/Android dual systems, can be connected to PC, touchscreen all-in-one machine, Android phones and tablets for use, with flexible configuration and convenient and fast use.

  Advice: Please carefully read the product manual or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical personnel. Please refer to the manual for contraindications or precautions.