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Laptop TCD



KJ-2V1P Single-channel、Single-depth、One probe;

KJ-2V2P Single-channel、Single-depth、Two probes;

KJ-2V3P Single-channel、Double-depth、Two probes;

KJ-2V4P Single-channel、Fourth-depth、Two probes;

KJ-2V5P Double-channel、Double-depth、Three probes;

KJ-2V6P Double-channel、Fourth-depth、Three probes;

KJ-2V7P Double-channel、Fourth-depth、Four probes;


Laptop TCD,Probe,Printer,Remote keyboard,instruction manual.


The company successfully developed the world's first laptop TCD instrument.The instrument integrated all hardware into the laptop,demonstrated the user-friendly design concepts.Products not only for the detection of intracranial blood vessels,can also be used for extracranial carotid artery detection.To use of WIFI can be promptly sent through the Internet to any designated user,to carry on expert consultation.