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How to deal with low bone mineral density?

2017-11-30 | Read:744

WHO’S definition of osteoporosis based on bone mineral density,bone mineral density reflects the extent of osteoporosis,so bone mineral density is the key factor which can forecast fracture.

Normal:Bone mineral density in young people should be in average value(1SD).

Low bone mineral density:Bone mineral density is lower than young people’s average value(1-2.5SD).

Osteoporosis:Bone mineral density is lower than young people’s average value(2.5SD)and patients with fracture phenomenon.

Low bone mineral density means the body lacks of calcium.


1.Eat more foods which are rich in calcium.

2.Eat more foods which are rich in Vitamin D.

3.Eat some health foods which can adjust the endocrine and promote the absorption of calcium to increase bone density.

Anyway,If you have low bone density,you had better eat some health foods which are rich in calcium.However,the most important way to prevent osteoporosis is doing more exercises and having sunbath occasionally.Finally,our company suggests that some old people should go to hospital to check their own bone mineral density,and according to doctors suggestions to prevent osteoporosis.