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Problems and Soultions for TCD Use

2017-12-1 | Read:540

1.Q:During the use of TCD,the monitor shows the contents which is larger than normal.

A:First check the display properties have set correctly,and then check whether the graphics driver has deleted or not,if driver was deleted,you need to reinstall the driver.

2.Q:When enter into the windows system,it appears blue screen,pop up the hard disk error(a string of code appear at the bottle of screen)how to deal with?

A:Firstly,restart the system,if not work,click the keyboard instant recover F11(during the restart process),if still not work,reset the system.

3.Q:After start the computer,appear black screen how to do?

A:(1)Whether the monitor was damaged,whether the VGA cable is plugged in or damaged.

(2)Hard disk damage(upper left corner of the English display),replace the hard disk,reset the system.

(3)Board damage(full black screen,no content display),replace the computer board,reinstall the computer system and TCD software.

4.Q:Error logging in to TCD software(with Chinese hint warning).

A:Reinstall the software.

5.Q:After log into the TCD program,but does not scan(spectrum,progress bar does not move,or the probe no response).

A:(1)First log out the software,press”RST”(on the USB-TCD box),and then enter into TCD software.

(2)Check whether the USB cable between the TCD module and the computer is properly connected,whether the USB module is connected to the power supply,and the power is turned on.

6.Q:When measure the blood vessels,the PW signal is weak or PW state noise is larger than normal.

A:(1)View the power,gain settings,the general state:power 50-100%,gain 4.

(2)Switch the operation way to CW model,check whether the CW signal is normal.If CW signal is normal,it indicates that the product is normal,may be PW probe aging,should replace the PW probe.If CW signal is weak or indicate full screen noise,it shows the product may have problem,please contact the manufacturer.

7.Q:When enter into the TCD detection interface,appear no blood flow signal(no spectrum on the screen,no noise point)how to dealeith?

A:(1)Check whether the PW probe is plugged into the right port.

(2)Unplug the probe and adjust the gain to the maximum,check whether the appear the noise point,if have,that indicate the probe is damaged;if not have,that indicate the TCD board damage,please contact the manufacturer.

8.Q:If TCD appears no sound situation,how to deal with?

A:(1)Check whether the speaker or headset has connect correct or not,if the speaker is normal maybe the sound card is damaged,so replace the sound card or reinstall the sound card software.

9.Q:If can not enter into the TCD interface how to deal with?

A:(1)At this point the computer will prompt"Find application failed".From the desktop"My Computer"into the last letter under the"recovery program",directly double-click the"recover"file.