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Address: Complex building Lev11, 

Jingang Sci-Tech Center, Nanjing.

The 78th Shanghai CMEF

2017-11-30 | Read:870


Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC is originated form Southeast University in1996.Besides,Southeast University is a famous university with more than 100 years history in China.We are professional manufacturer of Ultrasonic Transcranial Doppler(TCD)with 20 years.In recent years,we have cooperated with South Korea’s medical instrument companies OSTEOSYS and B.M.Tech to sale and develop Ultrasound Bone Densitometer.What is more,our company is the first and only manufacturer can independent develop and manufacture calcaneal Ultrasound Bone Densitometer in China.So our products will have most economic price.

At the beginning,I will talk about Transcranial Doppler(TCD).TCD is a professional equipment which can be used in neurology to detect cerebral blood flow.In China,TCD is widely used in different kinds of medical examination centers and hospitals,TCD is also a conventional medical equipment.Our company has the largest numbers in selling and producing TCD instruments in china,with selling more than 1000 TCD instruments every year.We have different types of TCD,for example:Trolley type TCD(normal or luxury),USB-Model TCD and so on.




Functional distinction:1 Channel,2 Channel,1 Depth,2 Depth,4 Depth.Probe:2MHz,4MHz,8MHz.

Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC.has twenty two different types of TCD instruments,it means different types of TCD instruments can satisfy different customers’demands,at the same time,we also provide English version TCD software.

Ultrasound Bone Densitometer can be used for measuring osteoporosis.In recent years,these medical equipment become very popular in hospitals,not only in china but also in all around world.Our company has different types of Ultrasound Bone Densitometer.



The first two products are OSTEO KJ3000 Series Ultrasound Bone Densitometer,is made by both Nanjing Kejin and Korean densitometer manufacturer for a long-term cooperation,which is combined with Chinese national conditions.The equipment applies oil balloon probes,with dynamic appearance and comfortable feelings;it measurement results are accurate as well as stable.Used a new hardware,the software interface is much more beautiful,meanwhile more convenient to operate and easy to learn,bringing users excellent experience.The last three products are OSTEO Pro series and OSTEOKJ2000,all of them are made in Korea.Our company guarantee that all customers can use the lowest price buy the best products.