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The importance of maintaining the elderly brain health and their blood pressure

2017-11-30 | Read:622

Nowadays,many old people pay more attention to their healthy about blood pressure and brain.In 2014,there are about 190million elderly in china,which is the first country that the number of elderly population more than 100 million in the world.As Chinese the elderly population increase significantly,aging problem will become the most difficult problem in the future.So the old people care more about brain and blood health.Because if old people suffer from a serious disease of heart head blood-vessel,maybe it can Cause sudden death.So our company suggests old people should go to the hospital to check their blood pressure and brain.

Nanjing Kejin Industrial LLC has 21 years’research&development and production experience.Our corporation is qualified with ISO9001+ISO13485 international Medical Device Quality System Certification.Our company’s laptop TCD has passed CMD identification.Over 5000 customers are using our Laptop TCD products all over the world.Besides,our company’s USB-BOX for TCD has the advantages of small size,light weight and easy to use,besides,the probe is high sensitivity,display image is perfect,the price is competitiveness,what’s more,it is convenient for transportation and repair.What’s more,there are also many types of TCD(normal/luxury)and these types of TCD have a large variety features,such as:

1.The function of playback in Doppler spectrum can lasted for a long time.

2.Professional doppler filtering static and dynamic filtering software can filter the noise interference and make the image more clear.

3.The software preset many groups of blood vessel name and vascular parameters and simulation figures.According to different vessel name,it is convenient for doctors to change different probes.

4.Many report formats can be chose.Report can edit and the software equips the doctor diagnostic conclusion template system,which is convenient to complete diagnosis.

5.The software supports manual forward and reverse calculation.You can switch between the static and dynamic calculation automatically.

6.Spectrum can be automatic stored and playback.

7.The function of“one-key reset”.These products can find disease of heart head blood-vessel as early as possible.Our company welcome doctors and leaders come to our company to know about the information about TCD.